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Public Realm and Civil Engineering

The importance of our natural spaces when considered with complex procurement strategies means that more than ever public realm and civil engineering projects need to deliver fundamental goals, whilst offering value engineered services that benefit the community and the environment.

We regularly support clients, tasked with feasibility and optioneering enhancements that take public realm projects and deliver measurable socio-economic, bio-diversity and environmental enhancements. We are happy to be involved with Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) either directly or as part of a project delivery team to share our experience when it comes to concept options; buildability assessments; enhancements; outline costings, programme and risk management.

Our enthusiasm comes from the array of projects that we have been involved with for clients in the public sector. Transforming public open spaces by restoring and enhancing aquatic features, integrating flood alleviation features, creating more habitat for biodiversity, introducing new footpaths and accessibility features that bring the public closer to nature, are just some of the things that make this work special. 


Civil Engineering Contractors

You may have a major project that for example may include a dredging/de-silting and sediment management element, bio-engineering or river restoration works. Or perhaps a project has come about via your framework contract with a risk profile that points to the use of a specialist sub-contractor. Our strong track record as a quality focussed, dependable specialist supplier with extensive experience of Environment Agency sites, in particular will give you peace of mind that your core delivery will be complemented by the Ebsford approach.


Consultants & Designers

Consultants and designers occupy a crucial position in the development stage of any project. In addition to the assessing and formalising the theoretical aspirations, more focus is being placed in providing costed and buildable solutions.

We partner with a number of organisations, mutually complementing core skills to ensure project goals are best matched with tangible solutions in a collaborative way.

Either directly through ECI or as part of a project team, our experience of development of a project from early planning to full delivery means we can be relied on to give accurate and achievable advice at all stages.



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