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The development sector is one of the most volatile markets in the UK. The government have set ambitious targets for new homes, that have placed considerable stress, and pressure on the sector. Space is at a premium for both residential and commercial developers, and increasingly the sector is looking to utilise brownfield land, which depending on its prior use, can already be contaminated.

From an aquatic perspective, the development of large scale housing, or commercial estates can put added pressure on a river, or drainage network. Resulting in a perceived effect of flood risk, which can, in turn, increase the requirements from regulators, and local authorities, relating to sustainable urban drainage (SUDS), or any work that can impact on existing water courses, within the area.

In line with legislation, developers are expected to be able to demonstrate their efforts in mitigating the impact on the natural environment, and their participation in environmental schemes that their works may effect. Such schemes are diverse, and can range in nature from biodiversity enhancements, to the protection of rare animal species.

One of the key issues that currently affects the sector is Japanese knotweed, and other similarly invasive species. It's mismanagement can now potentially become a criminal offence. And additionally, lenders are placing stringent requirements on management strategies to ensure that potential purchasers, and investors are protected from future claims, often through the use of warranties.

All of these items can have a serious impact on both budgets and time. Time which developers no longer have to forward plan developments; and often no budget spend will be undertaken until planning has been granted. These factors can limit specifications, and methodologies throughout the environmental contracting sector.


What can Ebsford do?

We understand all of these considerations and have developed our offerings to try and reduce the stress for our developer clients.

There are a number of key features, and benefits, to utilising our services. These include free site surveys for repeat clients. Allowing our clients to get an early understanding of the issues they face,  that can be effectively budgeted at any stage, from pre-purchase, to post development, without the need for any expenditure.

We are innovators. Our Enviroscreen 20-20 system has been specifically designed to allow rapid eradication of Japanese knotweed, whilst both minimising waste and maximising material reuse. All at a fraction of the cost, of traditional mechanical eradication techniques. Our warranty offerings are unparalleled. As the only company in the UK able to offer both PCA and INNSA warranties; we are able to ensure compliance with lenders requirements, which can expedite the sale, and mortgage process.

Our methodologies are based on the bespoke requirements of the client, and compiled with years of experience in the market. We aim to provide clear communication, which includes giving clear costs as a lump sum. We are the experts, so we should take the risk on invasive vegetation eradication and aquatic restoration.

With both a variety, and an experience of knowledge within the company, we are usually able to provide cost effective methodologies across our skill sets in: ecological mitigation, pond and river design, and restoration, biodiversity and native species planting, and invasive vegetation management.


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