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Water Companies

Water Companies manage a far more extensive network of facilities than most people realise. With clean water reservoirs, water treatment works, sewage treatment works, and pumping stations all falling with their remit.

Most of the UK's water companies have extended maintenance frameworks with a select number of organisations, these are usually general and cover select items that can be easily quantified. Things become more complex when specific and niche works are required, either due to public complaints or through imposed requirements set by regulators, such as the Environment Agency or SEPA.

The issues faced can be widespread and range from complaints due to invasive vegetation crossing boundaries, or impacting with development works, to the sedimentation, and failure of water storage lagoons.

An important consideration is not only these directly managed facilities, but also how the works of a water company can impact on other organisations and the local community. A number of our main rivers fall under the stewardship of the Environment Agency or SEPA and areas managed by Internal Drainage Boards have critical links to areas under the remit of the water companies. Additionally the donations and funding provided to our natural resources such as with RSPB sites or local Wildlife Trust, are essential in the continuing works done by these organisations.


What can Ebsford do?

Recently we have worked with major water companies in the delivery of bespoke workshops and the establishment of invasive vegetation forums to look at the specific challenges facing the industry.

It's here that our dedication to innovation really shows. We are able to choose from the widest range of current technologies relating to the management of both terrestrial and aquatic vegetation. As much of our work is completed within the aquatic sector, we are constantly looking at developing systems that minimise chemical use whilst still delivering long term eradication of invasive vegetation.

This approach is not limited to vegetation management, our water experts are able to find novel solutions relating to all manner of common and often uncommon issues. This can be in the form of reed bed construction or management, de-silting or remote facilities, reuse of sediments, biodiversity enhancements, and installation of bioengineering and native landscaping. So regardless of whatever system is employed, all our ecological and environmental solutions are robust, designed to be cost effective and minimise waste. Ensuring that you get the best value service possible.


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