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Principal & Framework Contractors

Principal & Framework contractors are responsible for delivering the largest schemes in the UK, from major infrastructure, and flood prevention to stand alone local authority projects.

Many of the main purchasing authorities operating in the UK look to award these projects to pre-qualified organisations through long term frameworks. Which in turn allows them to establish stability, both over reliance and budgets, whilst limiting the pressures on stretched resources.

Although this can give principal contractors longer term security, it is not without flaws. Technology and innovation is moving at an incredibly rapid pace, and it becomes the responsibility of the framework contractor to incorporate these developments into their submissions. This means they must continually familiarise themselves with new systems, whilst also maintaining a focus on offering best value to their ultimate client.

Health and safety requirements are also a crucial part of the delivery of these schemes. A number of niche sub-contractors lack the necessary systems and qualifications to fully ensure compliance with those of the main contractors, and also the requirements of the ultimate client.

As the majority of these larger projects are secured through a competitive tender process, even when conducted through a framework, it can be difficult to source a sub-contractor who has both the appetite and enough agility to understand the tender process, and be able to provide solutions that offer cost, and sustainability savings without a guarantee of the project moving forward.


What can Ebsford do?

Working with multiple main contractors both singularly, and as associate sub-contractors on frameworks, we appreciate the position, and the responsibilities that comes with. Our approach is designed to be flexible, and we have numerous ways in which we can work with you.

Our service starts with our team, from planning to implementation most of our works can be carried out fully in house. We have project managers and engineers that can provide effective surveys at any stage of your project. These can range from full ECI (early contractor interaction), incorporating topographic or design information, to scoping surveys designed to enable us to prepare a fully costed, innovate solution, without the cost implications that come with formal ECI works.

We have over 10 years of experience in the aquatic and vegetation management sector. During that time frame we have developed a number of core services that are designed to offer our clients something truly different from conventional techniques. These services range from our low impact “on-water” solutions for sediment removal to our in house expertise in invasive vegetation. And our extensive knowledge of specific waste streams mean that we are recognised nationwide, for our ability to maximise reuse of sediments, and contaminated waste.

We have considerable experience in the tender process. We can occupy any position you require within your tender team. We can utilise your systems to prepare a compliant bid for our works, or supply you with the information you require to supplement your main bid. And we offer these services, both on a retained “exclusive” basis, or as an “open book” arrangement.

Our dedicated team of highly qualified individuals makes us confident that our internal and site management will surpass your requirements. Our systems have been developed specifically in conjunction with principle contractors, and cover all elements of project delivery, effective safety, and environmental management.

Our team includes: SSSTS/SMSTS qualified site supervisors and managers, experienced and competent plant and equipment operatives, equally experienced and competent contract and project managers, and all our works feature director level input. Because of the composition of our team, we are able to manage most aquatic and minor civil projects utilising our own team. Whether it's in the planning room or on site delivery, we have the right people for the job, making us, the right choice for the job.


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