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Channel realignment and erosion control
Woody debris, planting and use of natural materials
ECI and Stakeholder engagement

River Restoration and Natural Flood Management

Where projects require the implementation of river restoration techniques or the introduction of natural flood management features on any scale, we know that its crucial you are able to work with an experienced specialist contractor who will demonstrate the flexibility you need to take the project from a plan to reality onsite.

Ebsford are active in the world of river restoration and have forged alliances with some of the most well-respected river restoration organisations in the UK; river restoration and soft engineered solutions are a key consideration and embedded in nearly every project we work on. We are also proud members of the River Restoration Centre (RRC).

Working in the natural environment, with natural materials presents different challenges to conventional construction management. We believe that it’s our enthusiasm for the objectives our clients are seeking to achieve, respectful approach to working with clients, designers, regulators and crucial stakeholders such as landowners, and our own practical experience that helps bring everything together in a successful project.  



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