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Japanese knotweed Enviroscreen    20-20
Japanese knotweed Enviroscreen *Ultra*
Japanese knotweed Enviroscreen *Maxi*
Japanese knotweed Land Remediation Tax Relief
Japanese knotweed screening – Environment and sustainability benefits

Japanese knotweed screening: The Enviroscreen system

Japanese knotweed screening

The onsite treatment of soils to remove Japanese knotweed rhizome was initially designed and undertaken by the Directors of Ebsford Environmental. Trials on the potential to physically remove the plant material were first undertaken in the early 2000’s with numerous major projects being undertaken since, allowing the process to be carefully refined and enhanced to the economic process it is today. 

With chemical use unsuitable for development sites and disposal both costly and unsustainable the Enviroscreen system was designed specifically to treat Japanese knotweed. The Enviroscreen 20-20TM system is unique to Ebsford, created by the founding Directors after many years of soil screening experience. With solutions able to process any volume of contaminated material, Ebsford have the longest track record of Japanese knotweed screening of any contractor. Our bespoke family of machinery made specifically for the removal of Japanese knotweed rhizome is unique to Ebsford and is operated by experienced staff. 


Japanese knotweed Enviroscreen 20-20TM Family

The contaminated soils are excavated and processed through the system to remove the rhizome and therefore the viability of the plant. Post processing, the material should be retained on site and reused – this process does not change the classification of the soil for removal off site, but it does make the soil suitable and safe for reuse on site. The screening plant we use fall into two categories:


Japanese knotweed Enviroscreen *Ultra*

For volumes of material up to 1000m


Japanese knotweed Enviroscreen *Maxi*

This machinery is used for processing volumes over 1000m3 for which our Environmental Permit would require deployment. 


Japanese knotweed Land Remediation Tax Relief

Japanese Knotweed has been introduced into the Government funded Land Remediation Tax Relief scheme which enables some of the costs incurred in cleaning up Japanese knotweed to be reclaimed via relief from Corporation tax. Ebsford are not licensed to provide detailed advice on this topic; further information can be found at GOV.UK website or by speaking to your accountant or financial advisor.


Japanese knotweed screening – Environment and sustainability benefits

As this process allows for the reuse of the material it eliminates damaging lorry trips to the landfill, the use of landfill space and associated issues of simply burying a fixable problem. All removed Japanese Knotweed vegetation is incinerated on site and totally destroyed eliminating it forever with the benefit of being able to replicate this process throughout the UK, the Enviroscreen 20-20TM   System is effective wherever you have a Japanese knotweed problem.




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