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Dredging, De-Silting & Sediment Management

Whether your project aspirations are to restore water depth or conveyance, remove problematic deposits or improve the water quality and health of inland waters. There are significant challenges to overcome to enable a project to be done compliantly, cost-effectively, safely and with full respect to the environment.

Dredging, de-silting and sediment management has been a core service of the Ebsford Aquatics business from the beginning. Working on all inland waters large and small, we take great pride in our projects; which include multiple HLF schemes, work for landowners such as the National Trust and regulators like the Environment Agency. We are also core members of the Canal & Rivers Trust National Dredging Framework, operating throughout the UK.

Our flexible approach, passion for sustainability, experience of the relevant licences/exemptions and broad experience of silt removal techniques, means we can support all stages of your project and assist in avoiding unnecessary disposal to landfill. By re-integrating sediment back into a site or spreading to land, project costs can be reduced and the environmental profile greatly enhanced. Re-integrating sediment within the watercourse itself, in receptors zones that can be planted with native plants can also dramatically increase the site aesthetics, boost biodiversity and further reduce project costs.



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