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Heritage forms a crucial part of the nations identity. From where to visit on a weekend to attracting tourism revenue from around the world, the UK is renowned for having some of the most historic and iconic built and natural environments which are enjoyed by millions of people each year.

Managing historic spaces can be extremely varied. From recognised national bodies such as English Heritage and The National Trust, who manage in excess of 1,000 sites, to small community projects designed to enhance people's enjoyment, the challenges faced are often varied, complex and unique.

A number of the most historic sites have aquatic features at the heart of their estate, designed using traditional methods that took into account a community that was much different than it is today. Traditional management techniques and materials are quite often either unavailable or simply not feasible, due to current regulations or health and safety requirements.

The same can be said for many of the plants that are present within the gardens of these facilities, with plants that were originally legally imported for their impressive growth rates or imposing stature, now proscribed under strict legislation, or found to be damaging to the public health.

With many of these organisations and groups reliant on volunteers, budgets to complete either maintenance or stand alone projects can not be difficult to source, but also hard to administer. Large sectors come under extreme scrutiny due to their charitable status. Whilst community groups either have to source funding from detailed grant submissions or rely on local residents and/or businesses for financial help.


What can Ebsford do?

Ebsford has an unrivalled and proud reputation for working both with community groups, and large estates on heritage projects. We are able to provide solutions to a range of problems faced on a day to day basis.

Working with award winning, innovative technologies, we are able to provide de-silting and aquatic management solutions that limit the interaction with formal grounds and allow facilities to remain operational whilst large projects are being delivered. Our low impact solutions are designed to prevent damage to any historic features of high importance. We have in depth knowledge of current regulations which allow us to provide solutions that can vastly reduce expenditure, whilst working with local stakeholders can often allow waste re-use that is sustainable, and beneficial for agricultural land.

As much of this work is either grant funded or procured through a stringent tender process, we are able to give advice to enable correct specification, or to offer a full feasibility and design service.

We entirely understand that typically vegetation management is provided in-house by volunteers or grounds maintenance team and we appreciate that this is a cost effective approach. For this reason we often work with larger organisation to provide bespoke training over the management of invasive vegetation, both terrestrial and aquatic. And we give advice on the most successful long term management strategies be that, herbicidal, mechanical or cultural in nature.


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