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Enviroscreen technology used to tackle expansive Japanese knotweed infestation Station Road JK Screening, Normanton

12 Week Time Frame
Japanese knotweed screening

A 12-acre site based in Normanton, due for the development of 116 homes, had become overrun with a Japanese knotweed infestation covering over 8000m3. The clients schedule was tight, requiring us to provide an immediate eradication solution that could run alongside their phase 1 groundworks.

Ebsford initially conducted a site survey in May 2019 and prepared a 3-phase management plan involving: enabling works, excavation and screening of Japanese knotweed and final placement of processed material and site demobilisation.

Due to the extent of the Japanese knotweed infestation on site, a traditional dig and dump method would have required approximately 890 wagon loads of contaminated material to be removed to licensed landfill. It was clear Ebsfords bespoke Enviroscreen technology, developed drawing on expertise from some of the most logistically complex construction projects, was the most beneficial solution for this site. Alongside being a cost-effective and a low environmental impact option, it negates the need for off-site disposal to landfill, allowing clean soils to be reused on site.

Works commenced in September 2019 and the screening station was erected in the centre of the development with a burial pit in position to be well covered by the later works. This allowed for the next stage of works to commence as we continued to eradicate the Japanese knotweed from the rest of the site.

Ebsford faced a number of challenges, including torrential weather for a prolonged period of time mid schedule, resulting in the land being flooded and unfortunately slowing progress. However, the site team were able to adapt to the new conditions, continuing to work across the drier areas, subsequently reducing delays for the client.

Works were completed in January 2020 and after just 12 weeks, Ebsford handed back to the developers an invasive species free site, allowing the client to move forward for the next stage of their development.

During the growing season, Ebsford will carry out monitoring visits to ensure no re-growth occurs and also issue a 10-year insurance backed warranty to provide peace of mind to the client that if any re-growth occurs, it will be dealt with and also satisfy mortgage lenders that the risk imposed by the Japanese knotweed infestation has been mitigated.


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