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Enviroscreen Works Remove Japanese knotweed from Large Site for Remediation Contractor Mill Dam Lane

1 Week

A large site in West Yorkshire presented a large project for one of Ebsford’s key remediation clients – it was split into four main areas, three of which harboured Japanese knotweed infestations. The site presented a huge undertaking – vegetation clearance had to be conducted to allow access to all infestations. Ebsford then utilised the Enviroscreen 20:20 system – infestations were excavated in their entirety and processed through the screener unit to remove rhizome material. The screened material formed three stockpiles; the fines material from this process was then buried on site by the Ebsford team. Root barrier membrane was also installed on the site boundary to mitigate the risk of re-introduction of the species – the whole site was therefore safeguarded and the Japanese knotweed fully controlled.


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