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Fish now find it easier to reach vital spawning ground following weir removal Harraby Weir Removal

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Weir Removal

The removal of an artificial barrier by Ebsford on the River Petteril located in Harraby Green has aided fish passage upstream to vital spawning grounds.

In partnership with the Environment Agency and the Eden Rivers Trust Ebsford were able to assist in the removal of a disused gauging structure from the channel. Not just a physical barrier, weirs can prevent natural formations of features such as riffles, pools and gravel bars important for supporting the surrounding wildlife. The works allowed for the river to return to a more natural state and improves habitats for all wildlife.

Ebsford have worked with the Rivers Trust and EA for several years now to remove barriers throughout Cumbria. This smaller project was seen as a quick win amongst a wider fish migration improvement scheme in the region.

The project was funded through the Water Environment Improvement Fund and with maximum budget limitations, Ebsford worked with all parties to identify a low cost yet effective solution. Through intricate planning, careful removal was possible through cutting sections of the metal structure and lifting with a small excavator from the bankside. The remaining concrete structure was notched in the centre to further reduce the obstacle fish would need to overcome. Redirecting the upstream flow and installing sediment entrapment mats downstream enabled us to carry out the work with minimal disruption to the watercourse and surrounding environment.

Although one of Ebsfords smaller weir removal projects, the work generated much interest in the dam removal industry and became one of the first removals to be live streamed.


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