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In-channel dyke dredging for improved amenity at water treatment facility Lundwood Beck Clearance

12 Weeks
In Channel Clearance

Lundwood Beck runs adjacent to a Yorkshire Water treatment facility which undergoing construction of a new sludge treatment process aimed to improve the efficiency and quality of the water being reintroduced into the River Dearne. The channel which runs along the west of the site through a culvert before joining the river was in a poor condition, heavily silted and densely vegetated. A full condition survey of the area revealed works to clear this channel and open up access, would improve water conveyance and create a further opportunity to establish a more bio-diverse habitat as a result.

With the additional consideration of power lines and services crossing the work area in multiple locations and difficult access, Ebsford made use of a long reach and bog tracked excavators which allowed for the clearance works to be carried out from within the channel itself, ideal on unknown ground conditions and potentially unstable banks.

To minimise the impact of the disturbance in the channel, sediment protection measures were put in place along with dissolved oxygen level and turbidity testing for the duration of the project.

Remaining sediment dropped within the culvert from the clearance process was removed using a high-pressure jetting unit for collection downstream. This sediment removed from the channel was deemed suitable for reuse under exemptions. Rather than simply removing the waste product from site Ebsford were able to sensitively position silt in areas along the banks and seed with native wildflower.

250 linear metres of vegetation clearance, bank stabilisation and deepening of the channel to increase water capacity was completed with minimal disruption to the public and existing habitat. As the area is re established with native vegetation the result will be much improved amenity of the area.


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